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Stephanie Lantry, DVM
Feb 08,2021

Fleas are the most common external parasite found on dogs and cats worldwide. Flea allergy dermatitis (known as FAD) is the most common dermatologic disease in domestic dogs in the United States. A study has shown a 13% increase in FAD in dogs over the last decade.1 It can be a very frustrating condition for you and a very uncomfortable condition for your dog. However, it is preventable and… Read More

Sara Bledsoe, DVM, CVA, CHPV
Jun 30,2020

After any outdoor activity, it’s always a great idea to get in the routine of checking your dog for ticks. This is because ticks can transmit diseases in as little as 24 hours after attachment. Ticks like to hide on your dog, especially in these spots: Around their face Around their neck Inside their ears Under their arms and legs Between their toes If you do find a tick on your dog, it’s… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Apr 14,2020

Reviewed and updated on April 14, 2020 by Rania Gollakner, DVM Lyme disease in dogs is one of the most commontick-transmitted diseasesin the world, but it only causes symptoms in 5-10% of affected dogs. So some dogs may have it, but never show symptoms. Transmission of Lyme disease has been reported in dogs throughout the United States and Europe, but it’s most prevalent in the upper Midwestern… Read More

Jennifer Coates, DVM
Jun 07,2019

Just the word “flea” can make us itchy, and it’s no wonder. One flea can rapidly turn into an infestation of fleas that lay innumerable little flea eggs on dogs and cats. Catching fleas early is essential for controlling a flea outbreak. To get a flea infestation under control, it is important to fight fleas at every life stage, including targeting flea eggs. Here are some tips for identifying… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Jun 07,2019

Reviewed and updated for accuracy on June 7, 2019 by Dr. Natalie Stilwell, DVM, MS, PhD Ah, the joys of the outdoors. Swimming, hiking and going to the park—all reasons to look forward to going outside. But fleas? Not so much. Not only are these blood-sucking parasites unsightly and creepy, but they can also cause some serious issues, such as allergies and skin infections. So, how can you keep… Read More

Sarah Wooten, DVM
Feb 14,2019

Fleas and ticks got you down? Can’t seem to keep them off your pets or out of your home? How about some free veterinary advice on what really works to eradicate fleas and ticks for good? Here my top five recommendations on how to win the fight against fleas and ticks. 1. Utilize Long-Lasting, Quick-Killing Flea and Tick Products There are many flea and tick prevention products available today—… Read More