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One of the proudest moments of being a dog parent is the joy you feel when you’ve successfully potty-trained your new puppy. As your dog gets older, though, they may have a few accidents every once in a while. But what if your dog starts pooping in the house more than a few times? This behavior… read more

Hamsters can make great family pets—as long as you keep a few things in mind. They’re easy to care for, and with frequent handling, they can be very docile and affectionate.  However, hamster lifespans are a good deal shorter than some other common household critters, so this is good to take into… read more

Hamsters have earned a reputation as clean and easy-to-care for pets. They typically self-groom when they are awake, usually at night, and enjoy the occasional sand bath to keep themselves clean. However, this doesn’t mean pet parents should ignore their hamster’s cleanliness. Some species, such as… read more

Your best friend is well past the potty-training stage—maybe several months or even years past—and suddenly starts peeing inside the house. There can be many different scenarios when it comes to peeing accidents. You may have a young adult dog that’s acting like her usual, playful self with no… read more

Families have enjoyed keeping hamsters as pets for decades. These furry creatures are easily recognized by their stout body, furry ears, short tail, and full cheek pouches. Hamsters are playful and intelligent, which makes them a popular choice among pet parents. They can be dwarf or standard sized… read more

You may be considering a raw food diet for your dog for a variety of reasons. Some people want their dog’s food to more closely resemble what their wild ancestors would have eaten (the idea of biologically appropriate raw food). Some believe their dog’s overall health, and especially their… read more

Proper diet and nutrition are crucial to keeping your hamster fit and healthy for as long as possible. A hamster’s diet should consist mainly of the same commercially produced pelleted rodent diet that mice and rats eat. Pet parents also have the option of buying a commercially available hamster… read more

Cats are known to be fickle creatures that don’t immediately grant their trust in people. It can sometimes require months to years of relationship building between kitty and pet parent to form a mutually faithful bond. Once this bond is established, you’ll still need to understand cat body language… read more

Hamsters are small, stocky rodents that can make excellent pets if given appropriate care and veterinary treatment. The average hamster lifespan is relatively short, around 1-2 years, but they can live up to 5 years. Hamsters are typically nocturnal animals that like to burrow and hoard food. The… read more

You may love getting kisses from your dog as a greeting when you get home, except when they’re accompanied by bad breath. Is it normal for a dog’s breath to stink? Bad dog breath can actually be a sign of a number of health issues, and some that you would never guess could be related to your dog’s… read more