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You may wonder why your dog is urinating in so many places when you take them out for a walk. This type of behavior is known as urine marking. Urine marking in dogs is a natural behavior where dogs release small amounts of urine in various locations. Both male and female mark, but it’s more… read more

Water is a vital nutrient for dogs, just like it is for people. Dogs need to drink water daily because it helps regulate their body temperature, support organ function, lubricate their joints, and aid in digestion. Without water, a dog will become severely dehydrated and pass away if not treated in… read more

Have you ever felt like your cat wasn’t drinking enough water or noticed that your cat wasn’t feeling quite up to snuff, and wondered if they might be dehydrated? This is a very common problem in cats, especially those that aren’t feeling well. Both very old and very young cats tend to be more… read more

Ever wonder why your cat sleeps all day but suddenly finds your toes, ears, and every toy in the house to be the most amusing thing ever as soon as you are ready to go to bed? Or do you find yourself sleeping with one eye open to because your cat pounces on anything moving under the covers? Or how… read more

There’s been a huge shift in understanding and treating human anxiety over the past decade. Our canine counterparts also feel stress and anxiety, but they can’t verbalize their feelings, which makes it hard to know when they’re feeling anxious. When you become a dog parent, you take on the job of… read more

It’s a common misconception that our feline friends are not affectionate creatures. Yes, it’s true that earning the love of a cat is not always easy, but when a cat begins to show trust and adoration for you, there’s often no better feeling of accomplishment. Their furry counterparts, dogs, are… read more

It might go without saying, but when it comes to social skills, cats are not dogs. Many dogs need the attention of their owners and crave social interactions. Cats are much more independent, and some would even go as far as to say that they can seem standoffish. They still need social interactions… read more

Do you ever look at your cat and wonder whether they are happy? Cats don’t tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves, like many dogs do. However, cats experience the full range of emotions like any other animal, and with a little careful observation of their body language and practice, you will… read more

You’ve probably seen cats being hugged, kissed, and carried, and still looking totally content with life. And then there’s the opposite scenario—a kitty that doesn’t hesitate to take a swipe at you if you just try to pet them or walk by them too closely. With the big difference in personalities, it… read more

You may have given catnip to your cat at some point and wondered whether cats can actually get “high” from it. The effects are obvious (and entertaining): after smelling the catnip, most cats will rub their faces in it, roll on their backs, and vocalize (make loud noises). Although some cats will… read more